Underwriting Questionable Risks

Over the past forty years Steve has developed a number of invaluable relationships with various underwriters at a number of insurance companies. Through careful and thorough underwriting as well as the knowledge as to which carriers compete in a specific market place regarding a client's specialized medical history Steve has been successful in obtaining Standard as well as Preferred Risk rates for clients with long medical histories.

Defective Trust Planning

Mr. Squires is known by his peers to be the consummate professional who can find simple solutions to complex estate planning problems. He is sought after by high net worth individuals who have reached a plateau where they are "out of options". During the recent past Steve has developed a knowledge and expertise in the highly sophisticated area of Defective Trust Planning. This is a method which, if properly implemented, may in many situations completely eliminate a family's estate tax exposure allowing the family's entire net worth to be transferred to their children, grandchildren and future generations in its entirety where applicable. Steve was a pioneer in this field and has helped his clients implement a number of these programs.

Expert Analysis

As a result of Steve's estate planning expertise he has been retained as an expert analyst in evaluating financial values as well as damages in legal matters.